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Yuda Pilatory Herbal Hair Regrowth Spray

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Product Description
YuDa Pilatory hair regrowth spray mixing with various kinds of natural Chinese traditional herbs is processed by high-tech biological project. This hair regrowth product has its unique and precise prescription, dainty raw material and perfect technique. That not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials. It has great effect on seborrhea alopecia, alopecia areata, hybrid alopecia and chemical alopecia.

1. Keep your scalp dry before you use YUDA
2. Spray in the morning and evening, 1ml per time
3. If possible, massage for several minutes
4. After using Yuda, don't do anything to your hair before drying out within half-one hour
5. Use YUDA hair regrowth spray continuously.

1. Do not spray on which place you don’t want to have hairs, and take gloves when using.
2. Keep it away from eyes, and wash your eyes with clean water if entered or consult doctors.
3. Keep it away from children and for external use only.
4. Cautions should be paid to sensitive skin.

[Main ingredients] Ginseng Extract, Angelica Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract
[Function] Stop hair loss, promote hair regrowth
[Specification] 60mlx3bottles
[Shelf life] 36months
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